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    1. Welcome to Kunshan KingXinXie Electronic Technology Co., Ltd!


      _Precision molds|Mold components|Plastic products|Stamping products|Connector assembly

      Professional custom machining precision molds
      Processing industry has become the benchmark of service

      _Precision molds|Mold components|Plastic products|Stamping products|Connector assembly

      Enterprise Show

      Line cutting | QC shop | mold comprehensive workshop | grinding shop | high-speed CNC | plastic mold | sparks and slow silk workshop

      Kunshan KingXinXie Electronic Technology Co., Ltd!

      Kunshan Kingxinxie Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Kunshan City, known as the city of mold. It is about 50 kilometers away from Shanghai. Since the company’s establishment in 2004, it has focused on precision mold design, manufacturing and precision parts manufacture. There is a branch companyDongrun Industrial Co., Ltd in Bacninh Province, Vietnam. We are producing 3C and automotive industry electronic connectors, medical products, the main customers are Japanese,European and American companies.

      Standard acceptance seized a car to follow

      Brought about the development of the car is in the development of automobile manufacturing to use accessories, which seized a car because it is possible to improve production efficiency and quality control of the car and has been widely used in manufacturing automobile. But seized a car manufacturer also has a large number of requiremen…[detailed]

      Contact: Mr. Huang  
      Phone: 0512-57393489/808 0512-55172498 Fax: 0512-57393499

      E-mail: kingxinxie@163.com 

      Address: Building 11, No.2588 Huanqing Road ,Yushan Town ,Kunshan

      All rights reserved:Kunshan KingXinXie Electronic Technology Co., Ltd! Technical Support:KSJINCHENG